Earth day

As parents or legal guardians with our sons, nephews, littlesiblings or children in our family or close relatives orfriends. The thing is that we also need to teach them to carefor themselves and their surroundings, the nature and theplanet earth because it gives us all the resources to surviveand somethimes we dont thank it enough. Thta is why todayin 123pormi we celebrate international earth day, this daywas born in 1972 in the Stockholm conference, this wasestablished by the UN to talk about nature problems and howthe could bring worries to the world population to cooperatewith the care of our planet.

Lets remember our children, Friends and accuentainces thatthe human raze depends of everything that surround us, it gives us the oportunity to evolve as a community. Thanks to the technological development we can communicate, transport and evolve as human beings. As adults we havelived enough or for a longer time tan our children, we haveseen the world and all it’s development, bu tour childrenwere born in a world were they have enverything, they can search for everything and they dont always thank foreverything they have at the palm of their hands.

In the last decade we have had a pretty big technological change and evolution, we have new methods of transport that are more effective, we can communicate with just one click from anywhere in the world; but this change has it’s downfalls because we forgot where it all started. As adults we have lived enough to to see the world changing, the thing is our children came to this world where all the technological changes were already made, so they don’t always appreciate the things that don’t give them direct exciment or entertainment, we have lost the amazed face we used to put when we saw a sunset, the sound of the waves or the birds chirping, all the sound that mother earth gives us.

we can even hear children and teenagers say that they could not live without techology, last week when talking to a 12 year old boy he told me “I dont know what i would do without the internet”, we can forget how the internet is a tool we use for our everyday lives, but we are becoming a tool for technology. We realistically can’t live without the earth.

Each year the world’s earth day selects a topic, generally thebiggest problema earth is surfacing is the topic for the year. This 2019 the topic is air contamination, this topics are partners with a country, this years partner is China. China isthe second country in the ranking  of air contaminationbecause they produce big tons of smoke per year with theirbussinesses and transport.


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