New learning techniques

With the pass of time, generations change and also the way children need to learn. One of the main problems in today’s Education is that we keep using the same methods that our parents used to learn. We have to remember that the children are the protagonists, teachers are only keepers of knowledge  that have to stimulate and, motivate children through new methods to learn new capacities. We cant blame our children when they can’t learn something the easy way, their obstacles are the way of teaching not the knowledge itself. Now we are going to told you some ways of teaching that have been proven to being efficient when we talk about our children.

1. LBP or learning base don projects, is a method that involves didactic activities of the every day, they don’t always involve math or common knowledge, they involve communication, cooperation and, problema resolution.  One of the activities that se some schools in the US is learning math using cooking clases where they need to measure, weight, add, rest and utilice their mind to develop a récipe.
2. Flipped Classroom is a method used by teacher when they want children to feel empowered. The children in this parallel world are the ones teaching and the teacher is learning what their students have prepared.
3. Gamification is the method that consist in involving game dinamics so children find the motivational potential that the find in video games but involved in learning things like math, different languages.
4. Design thinking is a method that is used in people all ages  and in all knowledge enviroments, this is a method that we implement in company of a shower of ideas. This consist in the resolution of problems without involving math or hard methods, this is made for children to wake their creativities, the weirder the answers the better.


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