What have we done with our planet?

Can you imagine a world where all the green turned grey? Well I tell you that now we are living, we could say that the city has gradually eaten nature and without knowing us with it. No matter where you live you may have realized that what we call civilization is nothing more than a concrete jungle, we are cavemen with better tools. You wonder why we say this, because so let’s be thinking beings we have not come to recognize that the world does not REVOLVE around us, but as we have taken the planet as clay at our mercy we don’t see that we destroyed as soon as we realized we left a trail.

Suddenly you know, suddenly not that 123pormi started inColombia, if we turn from another part of the world you know that we are a country in Latin America that we speak spanish, if you see news you also know that we have gone through times where the country was nothing more than a battlefield between drug trafficking and our government. But what you probably won’t know is that we are the second most diverse country in plants, birds and insects; you will find all types of ecosystems and climates within our country such as savannas, deserts, jungle, mountains and other habitats; All of a sudden you won’t know that if you want to see a mountain just leave the house. We are so immersed in the idea of modernity, advancement, evolution that we have not realized that we have around.

We want to remind all of our readers to love everything that was before us, to respect and value our ecosystems. Remember that the earth would live better without us and without all that we have made of it, without the waste we have generated or what we have built; But we would not be anything without the land and all the resources it has given us.

Come out, walk, travel and discover the wonders that our planet offers, make silence and listen to the sounds that are hidden in nature. Open your eyes and look at the colors around you. As a parent or adult you will think that there is no better gift that you can give your children or family than a life filled with values and love. But the reality is that there is no better gift that you can give your children than the value, love and recognition of nature. Explain that we would not be anything without it, we are but puppets in a society that has forgotten that if we finish with everything we have around us, as a country we need to live in harmony with nature.



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