Mental Health month

In 123pormi we celebrate with the UN the month of the mental health, during the month of May there are presented multiple topics to realize awareness  of how mental health affects more than ourpersonality. One of the main topics is the balance study-fun in children’s lives explaining how parents, uncles, grandparents or responsible adults can provide support for children to understand how to keep a healthy life.

As human beings we have a competitive nature, this meansthat we want to win constantly or be the best in what we do. This is a feature that as parents or responsible adults we want to teach our children, always give the best of if to be the best, what we do not have in mind is how this constant pressure affects our children. When you get a bad note or an unfavourable result children are caught up in the idea of “defeat”, where they know they should explain because they have not achieved being the best. It is for reasons like these that we should remind our children of the importance of failing and falling to try again, because we will learn to overcome ourselves little by little. So every time your son, grandson, nephew is sad because he couldn’t get from first remember, “Winning is not always coming on first, winning is falling and trying again.”

The pressure we impose on our children is seen in different ways that sometimes as parents we do not see. In situations we compared actions or the performance of our children with that of someone else. When this happens we must recapitulate our childhood, as we would have felt if our parents told us “he is better than you”, that is why we must remember that each person learns and develops in a different way, support is to find the best way for your child to learn and it can be the best version of itself. The study #4Mind4Body shows that more than 75% of children are afraid of being punished For not learning something new as fast as other classmates.

As parents remember that pressuring our children in educational settings can generate health problems like anxiety, lack of sleep and all this could come to digestive problems. Sure you did not know, because being adults only think ofgoals not always have present what we sacrifice for achieving what we want. Let’s invite our children to lead a balanced and healthy educational-recreational life where they  do not live with a constant pressure and can enjoy both oneand the other.



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