Heart diseases and their relationship with depression

You knew that: almost 40% of adolescent patients with heart problems suffer from depression or anxiety. Well according to Mental Health America mental health problems such as depression have been recognized as one of the leading causes of heart problems along with diabetes, high blood pressure and cigarette smoking. In 2018 Health America performs the study supporting the movement #4Mind4Body so that scientifically depression is recognized as one of the main causal factors of cardiovascular problems, because mental illnesses like depression or anxiety are not taken with the seriousness that a physical illness.

This relationship has a simple explanation, stress hormones like cortisol increase the risk to heart problems. Mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression being ignored send large amounts of cortisol to the body, leading to symptoms such as: high blood pressure, arterial problems, irregular heartbeat, and weak immune system. If a person suffers from cardiovascular problems and has not taken into account a disease such as depression, it can make the recovery process something difficult and tedious, because cortisol intensifies pain, makes fatigue worse in the body and pushes patients to isolate themselves to stop their treatments.

It is for that reason that in 123pormi we want to show our readers strategies that Mental Health America set to handle situations where we find symptoms of depression in cardiac patients we know.

  1. Stress management to prevent or regulate the expulsion ofcortisol in the body.
  2. Mental excersice, up to 40% people who perform activities such as yoga or meditation to relax the body and mind are less likely to develop symptoms of depression.
  3. Physical exercise releases good endorphins into the body, which helps maintain healthy blood pressure.
  4. When showing symptoms like stress or anxiety, don’t be afraid to see a specialist, depression and other mental illnesses are no different than a flu, with help everything can improve.

11-15-2018 Vanessa W anatomical heart_drawing_iStock 800-877791188



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