International blood donors day

Today June 14 is the international day of blood donors, this event is celebrated by the UN and the World Health Organization, this day is to promote and express the need for healthy blood, we could say that blood is one of the most precious resources, it is used both in planned procedures and in urgent health interventions, blood donations help from patients suffering conditions that directly affect life, as patients who need it to perform routine surgical procedures. In summary, an efficient blood service provides all human beings with a necessary component for the health system to function correctly. We must bear in mind that the blood donation systems we must help are systems coordinated by governments, voluntary and unpaid, so we make sure that our blood is not sold and is saving lives.

One of the most inspiring stories told by the world health organization was the story of June 13, 2017, a great earthquake falls on Nepal, this country has a population that made the change, instead of collapsing and defeating, they looked for help to all those who suffered from this natural phenomenon. This date is remembered as one of the largest days of blood donation, there was no shortage of blood. Now Nepal is one of the countries with the largest blood bank in the world, because they want to prepare in case of any emergency, because they recognize that blood is one of the most precious resources.

What we do not know is that not all countries or individuals see things as Nepal, not everyone wants to share this resource, not everyone believes that anyone can access this resource. If you did not know on planet earth there are 194 official countries, but only 57 of them collect 100% of the blood voluntarily and from unpaid donors, in this way there are no organizations or third parties selling blood in times of crisis, but rather is in the hands of the state to make it available to the health system. Do not you think it’s incredible that barely ¼ of all countries have their resources available for the entire population? Well do not be surprised we have reached a point where we see everything with the lenses of capitalism, where everything costs money and only privileged people can access this. At year 112.5 million donations of blood are received globally, but almost half of these donations are paid in high income countries. Technically for those who need it immediately there are not enough resources.

It is for this reason that this day exists, this day invites us to be in solidarity with the world population, donating blood is not dangerous, it will not end your health, it will not threaten your survival; On the contrary, you will give someone the opportunity to survive and get ahead, then we will tell you some of the requirements and advantages of donating blood:

• If you donate blood you are balancing iron levels in your body.
• If you donate blood you will improve your blood flow, all the agents that surround us on a daily basis like tobacco or radio frequencies hypercoagulate our blood, but if we donate our blood will flow more easily.
• If we donate blood we will know in what state of health we are, can inform us if we suffer from any disease or our blood type if we did not know.
• If you want a reward for being altruistic, they usually give you a cookie or something to eat so that the sugar can help you recover.

Some requirements to be able to donate blood are:

• Be between 18 and 65 years old
• Weigh more than 50kg and do not suffer from overweight.
• Wait between periods of blood donation, do not donate before 4 months.
• Not having suffered from sexually transmitted diseases.
• Not having had cancer, or having heart or lung diseases.
• Not having malaria or malaria.
• Not having undergone surgeries, transfusions, tattoos or piercings in the last 12 months.
• Not having had dental treatments in the last 7 days.
• Not being treated with antibiotics, antiparasitics or antivirals.


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