Albinism international day

As many will know, the UN is responsible for the promotion and protection of human rights, civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights. Many of the inhabitants of this planet we call earth, are interested in evolving, reaching a point where we all accept that we are a diverse planet, where being different is the best quality that someone could ask for. The problem is that we have not yet reached the point where we all treat each other with respect, on the contrary, we have created an increasingly intolerant world where discrimination and segregation become part of the daily lives of many people.

We are going to explain to you a little about our planet, we have developed in an environment where constant comparison and discrimination are not alien to us. Where those people who are “different” are not accepted in the same way as others. Here we come to a point where we ask ourselves: What is it to be different? For us in 123pormi, to be different is to be unique, to be different is to be the best version of yourself, to be different is to love everything about you, to be different is to get ahead so that you are presented with thousands of obstacles. We have always seen the fact of being different from a physical perspective, because I tell you that the aspect is nothing more than a mask; we must stop seeing the world through lenses where the different races, clothes, attitudes or cultures stand out. We all must have the same opportunities in life no matter where we come from.

The difference in 123pormi we celebrate, the difference is acceptance, no one is made to measure, but that is the beauty of nature, we can all celebrate our particularities.

Today is the international day of albinism, if you are not sure what albinism is, this is a hereditary “disease” where a living being has an absence of pigmentation on the skin or hair. This day this fact to sensitize the entire world population about this situation that many people must pass, this is a difficult situation for survival, because they must be careful not to get skin cancer or visual impairment. But according to the UN this is not the most serious problem that an albino person can go through, the countries where albinism occurs most are: Cambodia, Croatia, Greece, Israel, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan and Vietnam. What do these countries have in common? They are all part of the eastern hemisphere. If you wonder what affects the largest population of albinos is located in the eastern hemisphere, we tell you that in Africa, albinos are persecuted and discriminated against by false beliefs, where the children were related to albinism with witchcraft and magical traditions and for this reason they would disappear or be killed.

We must ask ourselves to what extent should we arrive? When will there be enough discrimination? Remember that we are all different, no one has the same number of freckles or the same height, but we resemble each other and that is that we are all human beings who seek the acceptance of others.



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