Pride month

Today is June 15, we are already halfway through the month and incredible as it sounds almost half of the year. We hope in 123pormi that this month there started with the right foot for all and continue in the same way. This month in particular is very important for many people around the world since it is the «Pride month» or «The month of pride». Probably they have seen where they live large floats, parades, marathons, concerts and many more events where the colors of the rainbow stand out or have people walking with colored flags on the street. As the month of pride consists of the celebration of the LGTBQIA community, this celebration wants to put a halt to discrimination and violence against all people whose sexual identity is different from heterosexuality, this month promotes dignity, equality of rights and raises visibility in front of everybody the sexual diversity, breaking the social stigmas that revolve around the LGTBQIA community.

We are going to give you a bit of context, in the United States in the 1950-1960 era there was a legal and social repression to all the people who openly belonged to the LGBT community. In San Francisco and Los Angeles two groups are formed: «Daughters of Bilitis» and «Mattachine Society» respectively, these groups were created to begin the first movements of LGBT rights. But one of the movements that are most remembered is the «Christopher Street Liberation Day» or the day of liberation on Christopher Street, this was a protest in which the entire LGBT community in New York joined, marching to a gay bar at 43 Christopher Street in Greenwich Village, Manhattan.

We will give you some examples of all the people who are changing the world one granite at a time, who want to show the world as regardless of sexual orientation, we all have something in common, love, regardless of who or for whom «love is love».

• Billy Porter: If you have not heard about Billy Porter, he is an actor, singer but better known for his roles on Broadway, but in recent years he has been known for his extravagant looks where he has created new revolutionary tendencies in the world of music. fashion. But I’ll tell you what his biggest contribution has been, the support he has given to the LGTBQIA community and his rights, Billy is gay and he is proud to be gay, but something that has always anguished him and that I am talking about recently is as in the film industry when a heterosexual man takes a gay character is cheered for it, but tells how he has never managed to play a role as heterosexual, since for many directors is «Too much gay.»

• Gerrard Conley, he is an author of a biographical book «Boy erased», this book tells his story of how his parents forced him to take part in the «anti-gay conversions» his family lived in Arkansas, this state is known as «El Belt of the Bible «in the United States, and for this reason his family went to church to» cure homosexuality «of his son. This film revolves around the idea of ​​how homosexuality has no cure, because it is not a disease.


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