Families of single parents

Raising a child is not easy, there is no way to teach it is to be a parent, it is an instinct that comes to life when we have a little human being in our arms. Some of us have it more difficult, if the challenge of being a parent was not enough, sometimes we have to do it alone. Being a parent of a single parent can bring more pressure, stress, or fatigue, but it is not impossible. Somehow we get ahead, some easier than others, but being a father or mother is worth while, you will have unconditional company and infinite love. But remember that is not the end of the world, any concern or challenge that crosses you is not impossible, with determination and a positive mind you’re going to get ahead.

Some positive strategies that you could implement to reducestress and the pressure of a single parent family are:

  • Express all your love, remind your child that they always have your love and unconditional support. As tired as you are try to book time every day to play, read or just sit with your child. Show him that whatever happens, you’ll always be there.
  • Establishes a routine, this not only serves when there are two parental figures in between, when you are part of a single parent figure, time is key, try to take regular feeding schedules, to sleep or play in such a way that your child knows to wait every day.
  • If you need support for someone to take care of your child, look for a trained caregiver who can stimulate it with a safe environment. Be cautious about asking someone with little confidence to take care of your child. If you need someone there are new agencies that handle thebabysitter’s reservation or support.
  • Put limits on the house, it is good that you teach your child that there are rules that must be fulfilled, when you are a parent of a single parent family you have to impose some rules but in a respectful way where your child does not feel cornered believing that that is the only thing you can do.
  • Do not feel guilty, sometimes when we can not give enough time to our children the guilt accumulates and we want to compensate the fact that no we can be with our children all the time. Always keep a positive attitude, be honest with you and your child, you are not a superhero, but if you’re the best your son will have.



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