Work-life balance

Building a balance between personal and work life implies dedicating time to different activities and honoring our values. In my case, maintaining a balance between my work and personal life has been a challenge that has led me to use organization systems and manage my energy to optimize my productivity and performance. Here I share some of the strategies that have helped me:

Take note of these 6 tips and share them with your collaborators so that they have a balanced life!
-Set daily goals at work: To avoid working more than necessary, make a work schedule every day with clear and achievable goals. This ensures that you do not propose more than you are capable of doing.
-Delegate responsibilities: Both at work and at home, share the tasks with your teams and your support network; do not carry all the obligations. This is key to coexistence anywhere.
-Prioritize: Although all your tasks are important, not all of them are equally urgent or necessary for the same moment. Put your chores in order and focus on one at a time.
-Express yourself: If you feel like you’re doing too much, if you don’t have enough time, if you can’t bring order to the chaos, contact your colleagues and superiors, and professionals who can help you.
-Be flexible: Understanding that things don’t always go as planned is key to not overloading yourself. Unforeseen events are part of everyday life.
Take advantage of time: The best way not to overwork is to allocate time from work to work. Avoid procrastinating more than necessary or postponing for another time the tasks that you can do today.

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