The importance of punctuality

One of the most important habits to form is punctuality. Being on time for different commitments or the simple fact of being attached to a schedule will help us a lot in life.

Punctuality is courtesy, education and respect. Lack of punctuality is a sign of lack of culture, it is not appreciating the time of others or one’s own; If this is one of your shortcomings, here we give you several recommendations.

The value of punctuality is the discipline of being on time to meet our deliberately made commitments: a work appointment, a meeting with friends, an office commitment, a pending job, a medical appointment…

Punctuality is necessary to endow our personality with character, order and efficiency, because by fully living this value we are able to carry out more activities, perform our work better, and be worthy of trust.

Why are we not punctual?

Lack of punctuality denotes disorder, poor time management, lack of planning in our activities, and of course lack of an agenda, but what is behind all this?

Interest, desire and likes are closely associated with lateness. That is, when we have a total interest in something, such as an appointment to apply for a job, we will surely be there before the agreed time and we will take all the measures to fulfill this commitment. Contrary to the appointment where the dentist which causes us discomfort and we seek to postpone it until the last minute.

Obviously there are activities that generate greater interest and attraction for us, so for some people, the value of time varies depending on the situation. The result of living according to our tastes is the loss of formality in our actions and little by little the vice of being late is reaffirmed.

There is another factor that also influences the value of punctuality and that is order. When we have no clear ideas, no priorities, no to-do list, and even less a map of activities to guide us, the most consistent thing is that time is easily wasted. Laziness, forgetfulness, lack of concentration are also reasons that affect this value.

In addition to the above, the lack of punctuality has a certain degree of self-centeredness. That is, start from the basis that the time of others is less valuable than your own, so it doesn’t matter if you are late because the other person is not as «important» as I am. In addition to being a selfish attitude, it is totally disrespectful.

How to correct the lack of punctuality?

We do not become punctual overnight. To want to correct this error, will, discipline, determination, commitment and responsibility are needed as in all purposes.

Before starting to set alarms, fill agendas, set reminders, etc., a change of mentality will have to be made. We must be aware that every person, event, meeting, activity or appointment has a particular degree of importance. Our word must be the synonym of guarantee to count on our presence at the precise and necessary moment.

Following this, we will have to find the cause that causes our lateness (mentioned above: interest, importance, order, self-centeredness, laziness, forgetfulness, lack of concentration…). There you will find many answers and also the solutions to banish this bad habit.

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