What is sex education?

At present, topics such as sexual education are a taboo in many cultures, it is a topic that many parents are afraid of and prefer to avoid instead of guiding and supporting their children, many parents relate sexual education simply to sex, when it actually goes much further. Thanks to sexual education, people obtain the necessary information to make healthy and responsible decisions regarding their sexual and reproductive health. We must remember that misinformation affects our children much more, that is why we must support them in a comprehensive way throughout their growth.

All young people will one day have to make crucial decisions about their sexual and reproductive health. However, research reveals that most adolescents lack the knowledge to make these decisions responsibly, leaving them vulnerable to coercion, sexually transmitted infections, and unplanned pregnancies.
Comprehensive sexuality education allows young people to protect and promote their health, well-being and dignity by offering them the necessary tools in terms of knowledge, attitudes and skills. Comprehensive sex education is a precondition for exercising full bodily autonomy, which requires not only the right to make decisions about one’s own body, but also the information to make these decisions sensibly. Because they are grounded in human rights principles, comprehensive sexuality education programs help promote gender equality and the rights and empowerment of young people.
It is for this reason that we invite you to sit down with your children and talk about it, let’s break the communication barrier that exists in the face of these issues, sex education is as important as any class that our children should see at school. Let’s set a good example for our children and show them that we can talk about any questions or concerns they have about their sexuality

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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