Group dynamic: The dance of the fruits


RECIPIENTS: 6 years and older
GROUP SIZE: 50 people
• Develop attention in boys and girls.
• Find spaces for fun and interaction
• Managing frustration tolerance
• Enhance agility and gross motor skills.

In this dynamic it is important that two people lead the activity, one will be the facilitator who will say the instructions and the other person will be in charge of removing a chair every time the other facilitator says the instructions, it is important that they are very attentive and quick to do the activity. Chairs will be placed in a circle, each participant is asked to sit down, the facilitator will give each person a name of a fruit «pear, orange, banana, apple and grape» only five names of fruits will be used (It is important that who directs guarantees that everyone is clear about the fruit that corresponded to him). The facilitator will say the following instruction: «Today I was in the supermarket and I put all the fruits in my basket» when the facilitator says all the fruits, all the participants must change chairs, none can stay seated in the same chair and who does so will be out of the game; the facilitator must participate in the game in the same way that when someone gets up from a chair, whoever is left without a chair must leave the game, it is very important that the two facilitators are very attentive to do the tasks that correspond to them. The game restarts again, the facilitator says get it «Today I was in the supermarket and I put bananas, pears and grapes in my basket» and they only have to exchange chairs with the fruits that the facilitator names, the others remain seated in their chairs, and and so on until there is a winner.

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