Group dynamic: Alter Ego

RECIPIENTS: 18 years and older
GROUP SIZE: Maximum 20 people.
• It allows us to think of ourselves as a separate entity, this self-distancing gives us the possibility of recognizing ourselves.
• Recognize hidden facets in me or that are not manifested.
• Generates support and confidence in oneself and in the other.
• De-dramatizes life situations, giving space to see and feel life in a calmer way.


Groups of two people are formed, they are told that they must go to a space where they can be calm and without distraction and they must listen to each other with full attention, in such a way that each person can tell the other their life story (in summary, what they consider most important), that they are allowed to express feelings and emotions, that strengths and weaknesses can be told, pleasant and happy life experiences but also sad and they are given 1 hour to carry out this activity in such a way that a person tells their story in 30 minutes and the other person makes use of the other 30 minutes, the facilitator must be careful to control the times.

Once the hour has elapsed, people must enter and make a circle, and a chair must be placed in the center of it, where the couples will pass one by one. One of the participants sits on the chair and the other stands at the back of the chair, putting his hands on the shoulders of his partner who is sitting (they do not look at each other’s face) the person who is standing You should introduce and tell your partner’s life story, but you should always speak in the first person “My name is (say your partner’s name), and you tell your partner’s story as if it were your own, the person sitting in the chair, she will be attentive listening to her partner telling his life story, once finished, they exchange the one who is seated stands behind, putting their hands on the shoulders at all times and the one who is standing sits down and tells the story of his co-worker. It is very important that when the story is told it should always be told in the first person and as if the other’s story were mine.

Once the couples finish, the others pass by, so that each one listens to the life told by another. They will be asked: How did you feel listening to your life told by others? What emotions or feelings come to your mind, your sensitivity or your body when you listen to your life? What do you feel you learned from this activity?

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