People over 7 years old, it is important that they know each other.
No limit of participants.
Sheets of paper, pens, pencils, colors, eraser, sharpener, table, cardboard, scissors, marker.

  • Generate fraternal spaces between people
  • Generate affective bonds
  • See the positive in every human being
  • To interact
  • Fun

• Each participant is given a sheet of paper and asked to make a plane. If they do not know how to do it, it is important that the person leading the dynamic knows how to make it so that they can explain it step by step to those who do not know (it is essential that each one does their own), once the plane is finished, they are asked to make a circle to give the instructions of the dynamic, each one must look at the partner on the right in great detail for a few seconds, once they have identified themselves they must return to the table with the plane and there they must write the name of the person on the right and write one or several positive aspects of their partner, the plane will be decorated, they will be given 20 minutes to do it, when they finish they will be reminded again to verify that the name of the person has put it and they will be asked to organize themselves as they were before in the circle, a slogan will be said «the plane of the attributes takes off from the airport to bring good news to each person» at the count of 3 ti They will place the plane in the center of the circle, once they have all fallen, each participant will be asked to pick up a plane and they must read who it is for and the attribute or positive aspects, and so on until they finish.
Once the activity is over, they are told how important it is to see in each human being the best of each one.

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