Group Dynamic: Ice breaker

No limit of participants.

  • Generate interaction spaces between the participants.
  • Find fun spaces
  • Enhance tolerance to frustration.


The group is organized in a circle, it is necessary for this activity two people who lead and who previously know the game and two volunteers who do the mimicry of two animals, once they have them they are taken to a space far from the group, one of the The people he guides go with the two volunteers and explain the objective of the game, which they must each mimic an animal, they are informed that the game ends when the partners guess the animals they interpret, the participants do not have to choose the animal but must be chosen by the person who directs it, one must represent a «gorilla» and the other a «frog», they are asked if they know what the movements of each animal are, since they cannot emit any sound, in If the participants do not know many movements, they are given ideas on how to do it, they are asked to rehearse previously, it is clarified that if the group does not guess with the movements they make, they must change to other movements that they do. As each animal does, it is made clear to them that they cannot speak and that they must be persistent; the other person leading the game must tell the other participants in a low voice that their two partners will mimic two animals «a gorilla» and that the objective of the game is for them not to say that they are a gorilla, or a frog, but that they will say the name of other animals for example they will say “hippo”, “giraffe”, “rabbit”, “flea”, “lion”, “elephant”, and so on, if any participant wants to give up they should be encouraged to continue, When they have done their best, they are told that they knew what animals they were but that the goal is to make them smile.

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