Lesson Planner for teachers

One of the rewarding moments we have when we are little is feeling that we are actually learning, that feeling of coming home and having a new curious fact to tell our parents. But not everyone has this opportunity because sometimes the educational system fails to have adequate performance and follow-up in the classroom. With this in mind, we do not want to say that teachers are to blame for the lack of learning, because we must as parents or family members recognize how difficult it is to care for, educate and maintain the attention of 1-2 children now imagine the responsibility of caring for dozens of children at once.
That’s why today we wanted to share two class lesson organizers, a gift for those teachers who need a little support in the area of ​​planning and organization. The importance of curricular planning lies in the need to coherently organize what is to be achieved with the students in the classroom. This involves making pre-practice decisions about what will be learned, why it will be done, and how it can best be achieved.

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