Seasons of love

Today we are going to talk about what is for me one of the songs that have made me reflect the most in the face of discrimination, exclusion, love and acceptance. This song is Seasons of love a song written and composed by Jonathan Larson in 1996 for the musical Rent. This is a song that tries to talk about what is the ideal measure to calculate the value of human life, calculate the value of a life in 525,600 minutes.

So that we have a bit of context, I will tell you a little about the musical Rent, it is a movie that I recommend seeing. Billy Aronson had the idea of ​​creating a musical from the opera La bohème, but substituting the exquisite splendor of Puccini’s world for the vulgarity and noise of modern New York. A year later, Jonathan Larson, a young 29-year-old composer, joined the project and together they began to write some songs such as «Santa Fe», «I Should Tell You» or «Splatter» (which would later give rise to the theme «Rent»). Larson suggested setting the action in Manhattan’s East Village, a neighborhood he knew well since it was only a few blocks from his Greenwich Village apartment, and which at the time was known to have homeless, LGBT + community members, drag queens and punks. He also proposed calling the show Rent, a title that Aronson was not enthusiastic about at first until Aronson realized that, in addition to «rent,» the word «rent» also means «torn.» In 1991, Larson asked Aronson for permission to use the original concept they had been working on and make it his own, as his intention was to write about his own experiences and turn Rent into something great, the definitive rock opera that would bring the theater closer together. musical to the MTV generation.

Both the song and the musical are related to the World Day of the fight against AIDS, which is commemorated around the world on December 1, this day scientific and medical advances that have been achieved against this disease are shared and every year has a motto. In 2020 the motto was “global solidarity, shared responsibility”. On December 1 of each year, the world commemorates World AIDS Day. On that day people from all over the world come together to support people living with HIV and affected by the virus, and to remember those who have died of AIDS-related illnesses. For many years HIV carried a stigma that was judged in the eyes of many, now that we have gone through our own pandemic with COVID-19 we understand with different eyes how a disease does not discriminate against anyone, how we can all go through a situation regardless of our origin.

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