What is diversity?

This month at 123pormi we are going to talk a little about diversity, inclusion and how we should celebrate each difference between people since that is what makes us unique. When we talk about diversity, many of us have a preconceived idea of ​​what this means: variety, thoughts or ways of being different, but this goes much further, it is for this reason that today we are going to delve into what diversity is and why it is. so important to maintain a balance in our lives.

If we go to the definition of diversity we find the following: «The term diversity refers to the difference or distinction between people, animals or things, to variety, infinity or abundance of different things, dissimilarity, to disparity or multiplicity. » This is the basic concept of diversity that we keep in mind in our day to day. But we probably do not ask ourselves enough questions to understand all the fields in which diversity enters, be it in religion, in beliefs, in our identity, in culture, in politics and in many more aspects of our daily lives.

I’m going to be honest with you, there are moments in life when one wonders, Wouldn’t it be easier if we all thought the same? After all, the discord would end, there would not be so much debate about life. But if this were the case, we would lose all our freedom, our identity and our reason for being, the difference makes us who we are. The difference, the discussion, the debate is probably one of the healthiest aspects of our humanity. Let’s see it this way, thanks to the difference we can express ourselves as we want, we can defend what we love and discover new things that we are passionate about on a day-to-day basis, diversity allows us to be unique, that each human being has its own configuration, sometimes Finding someone with a similar interest is going to be wonderful because it is not something we always see.

These days I was in the car listening to music and suddenly Imagine by John Lennon begins to play, surely many have heard the song and know the lyrics, part of the lyrics says the following: “Imagine all the people, livin ‘for today . imagine there’s no countries, it isn’t hard to do, nothing to kill or die for, and no religion, too, imagine all the people, livin ‘life in peace ”. This song seems very beautiful to me but it paints a utopia in which I personally do not want to live, a world without difference. I repeat that this is my personal opinion, it is valid that many people want to live in a world without difference, after all having opposite ideas is the point.

Now we are going to see a little about the different types of diversity and what they consist of:
-Cultural diversity: Cultural diversity reflects the multiplicity, coexistence and interaction of different coexisting cultures, worldwide and in certain areas, and addresses the degree of variation and cultural richness. Each culture is different, each individual must have a cultural identity and cultural diversity, in this sense, is manifested by the diversity of language, art, music, religious beliefs, social structure, agriculture, of land management practices and crop selection, diet, and all other attributes of human society.

-Ethnic diversity: Ethnic diversity is the union of different peoples in the same society, and that each one has its own customs, language, skin, religions, traditional festivals, clothing, food.

-Language diversity: Linguistic diversity refers to the existence of a multiplicity of languages ​​within a geographic space. That is, it is linguistic diversity that shows the existence of different languages ​​within the same community and that they share the same geographical space.

-Biological diversity: Biological diversity or biodiversity refers to the immense variety of living beings that exist on Earth, both animal and plant species, and their environment and the natural patterns that make it up, which are the result of evolution to through natural processes and also through the influence of human activities.

-Sexual diversity: Sexual diversity is an expression used to refer to the different types of sexual orientation and gender identity.

-Functional diversity: Functional diversity is a phenomenon, characteristic or fact of all individuals in society equally or of a certain social group, to refer that each of them has certain capacities.

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