The influence of anime

The secret to the popularity of anime lies largely in the strong emotions displayed on screen. And many times they seem exaggerated, which attracts adolescents, because at 12-17 years the intensity and clarity of feelings is the main factor that determines the degree of interest in a particular program. Whether they are emotions of anger, sadness, happiness or love; all of these represent a reality that surrounds young people on a daily basis. Watching anime can be a normal hobby – some like dramas, some like comedies or horror movies and some like anime, it’s just a matter of taste.

If we talk about the positive, we can notice the most obvious, it is the development of imagination in children. By viewing photos with different stories and characters, to get acquainted with their characters, children develop a creative personality. With the help of anime, he becomes more and more interested in music, drawing and other creative activities, for example we can see that if a friend or family member likes anime, he can start drawing manga showing interest in the way in which it is done. they draw these cartoons, that is, anime helps to find and later possibly even develop talent. Each main character in the cartoon has their own beliefs and morals, so by watching anime, you can learn and develop many useful moral qualities: achieving your goals, caring for others, caring for your family members, setting the right priorities.

The anime attracts teenagers for its unconventional strangeness. These types of cartoons have become popular now but initially they are completely different from what young people were used to. Anime allows teenagers to solve the problem related to the feeling of their individuality and peculiarity and, at the same time, solve the second problem – to find friends of interest. Also, although most of the anime is aimed at adults, the main character is a teenager with his problems and early disappointments. As a rule, he is different from his companions, he is a rebel and a fighter for justice, whose response to youth and adolescent maximalism is identified with these characters. This is an ideal that many young people seek, to be different, fantastic, to be better every day, to discover something magical and wonderful in the world such as the main character of an anime program.

When we analyzed the characteristics of anime in one of our previous articles, we could observe how fantasy was mixed with reality to provide a new perspective to the observer, it also focuses on the daily emotions of children, youth and adolescents. Anime has become a mirror of situations for young people and this is what is most striking. What if it’s good or bad? Only each one can determine it.

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