Types of anime

Little by little we know more about anime, we know a little about its history, how it is classified to find its target audience, but today we are going to talk a little more about those subcultures that anime has developed and look at the types of anime.

-Moe: This sub-genre of anime looks a lot like bishoujo, but focuses more on lovable and cuddly female characters doing everyday things. The genre became popular around the 2000s, when series sharing these characteristics became widespread. They are mostly aimed at the male audience. This audience began to apply this description to characters that they found innocent and adorable.

  • Bishounen: Like bishoujo, these anime focus on a very specific aesthetic to please the female audience. The protagonist is usually surrounded by very handsome boys, or the main characters are extremely attractive boys. However, the term «bishounen» refers to a specific aesthetic, it is not a genre. But informally, many of the reverse harem series and visual novels for girls are often called «bishounen anime» informally.

  • Mecha: One of the most recognized genres outside and within Japan and popularized by many unforgettable classics. The stories focus on a future where technology has evolved enough to create giant humanoid robots. Usually, it is a subgenre because the story does not focus specifically on the mecha or its creation, but its use can change the future of the story.

  • Gender Bender: Also known as hideyoshi. In these series, gender roles are usually reversed. We have male leads who look and act feminine, or women who act masculine. In its most fanciful version, there can be body-swapping, which is when one character swaps bodies with another.

  • Gore: Blood and violence abound in this genre. One of the interesting variants of gore is to extrapolate it with bishoujo characters, so that the surprise is even more unsettling when things get out of control. Usually, the themes are intriguing, dark and supernatural.

  • Harem: Anime with a male protagonist surrounded by female protagonists. Usually these anime are also often romantic comedies. The Harem Gyaku is a kind of «inverted harem», as it features a female protagonist surrounded by men who are in love with her.

  • Isekai: Subgenre of Japanese fantasy light novels, manga, anime and video games that revolve around a normal person who is transported and / or trapped in a parallel universe. Many of its exponents include reincarnation, but isekai are also the series that bring the fantastic elements to the real and everyday world. In recent years it is one of the most popular genres.

These were some of the anime genres of greatest importance and recognition within the world of Japanese animation. Although it should be mentioned that they are not all the genres that exist, since there are a great infinity of subgenres. For this reason we could say that anime is one of the cinematographic arts that has the most diversity and that attracts the most people for the same reason.

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