Inspiring people: Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale was an English Nurse, a pioneer of modern professional nursing. Until the middle of the 19th century, care for the sick in field hospitals was practically nil, and the overcrowded conditions and the lack of sanitation in them were the cause of a large number of deaths. The meritorious work of Florence Nightingale, considered the founder of modern nursing corps, led to a notable improvement in the organization of hospitals.

Coming from a wealthy family, Florence Nightingale rejected the comfortable social life to which she was destined to work as a nurse since 1844. Motivated by her desire for independence and her religious convictions, she confronted her family and the social conventions of the time to seek a professional qualification that allows you to be useful to others. In 1854-56 she became famous for organizing a nursing service for the British soldiers of the Crimean War: in the field hospital of Usküdar or Escútari she achieved spectacular sanitary improvements, facing the prejudices of military doctors and the poverty of means with that the army used to treat the soldiers. She regularly visited the wounded at night, earning her the nickname «the lady with the lamp.»

Upon his return to England, he took advantage of that popularity to exert influence in the upper echelons of power, gaining the support of Queen Victoria I. He published a comprehensive report entitled Notes on Health, Efficacy and Hospital Administration in the British Army and, In frenzy, she succeeded in reforming the British military health, the progressive extension of her model to civilian health, the introduction of health reforms in India, and the creation of a school for nurses. Since 1861, however, she remained in retirement due to health problems, a consequence of the effort made during the Crimean War.

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