Inspiring people: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

She is the second woman in US history to serve as a Supreme Court Justice; A champion in the fight for equality, Ruth Bader Ginsburg has become not only a professional benchmark in her country, but also a pop icon.

Joan Ruth Bader was born in Brooklyn to a Jewish immigrant family. Middle-class with a poor economy, Ruth was an excellent student, encouraged by her mother; she sadly this she died a few days after seeing her daughter graduate from her. Ruth Bader entered Cornell University, where she met the one she would be her husband of five decades, Martin Ginsburg. The couple married and had a daughter, and both entered Harvard law school; Ruth had to bear the burden of studies and upbringing, as well as discrimination for being one of 9 women out of 500 students. She eventually switched to Columbia University and became the first woman to be featured in the prestigious Harvard Law Review and Columbia Law Review publications.

Although a top class graduate of hers, more than ten law firms rejected Ruth’s job application because they were not hiring women; she eventually went to work in a judge’s office. She then jumped into academia, first at Rutgers and then as the first woman to be a full-time law scholar at Columbia.

In the 1970s Ruth Bader Ginsburg founded the ACLU’s Women’s Rights Project, or the American NGO that fights for civil liberties. She became the main litigator in front of the Supreme Court for women’s rights, winning several cases of gender discrimination.
In 1980 President Jimmy Carter nominated her for a judge on the Washington Court of Appeals; She was in that role until 1993, when President Bill Clinton nominated her as a Supreme Court Justice and she was confirmed by the Senate by 96 votes to 3. Since then she has become a benchmark in the US legal system. He has suffered cancer twice, missing almost no days from his court duties.
She died on September 18, 2020 at the age of 87. Today two films honor her life and her legacy: RBG, a documentary, and The Voice of Equality, where she is played by actress Felicity Jones.

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