Grandma’s trunk

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I see very precious jewels that my grandmother showed me, among them the diamond, the sapphire and the amethyst that she gave me.
Grandma’s trunk, the one she always kept, that she hid suspicious of someone looking at her, what she loved the most.
Cameos, lion figurines, colored butterflies and a hook that she found, the one she used as an amulet and a letter from my grandfather that told him about her love.
My grandmother’s trunk, the most beautiful I have ever seen, she insists on showing me the contents there, beautiful organza dresses, fine silk from China and a tapestry brought from India, which exceeded her beauty.
My grandmother showed me every trip she made, I was determined to get closer to my grandmother, because she knew that she lost coherence every day and in her world of dementia, my grandmother’s trunk was closed every day.

Baby Bears Sleeping in Chest

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