Isaura runs behind her aura

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Isaura do not run because you will not reach, there is no goal, or first place.

Isaura do not just seek to please or for someone else to approve what you want to achieve.

When you wait for someone else to accept you, you will never get stronger.

Isaura understands that you must stop because otherwise you will fall.

Isaura do not expect the other to show you where to walk.

Remember that our walk is different in everyone.

Isaura do not be afraid to go out and look for what you dream so much for fear of failing.

When you are looking to give up in a panic to start, you will get frustrated every time.

Isaura remembers that you must trust, and we all have talents to display.

Blossom and you will find your place on earth where you can inspire.

Sacred geometry zen background with meditating woman silhouette flat vector illustration

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