The break

Everyone runs quickly when they hear the drum, warning that recess has arrived,
The Lion comes out first like a champion, and in the meadow his body settled.
The hurried leopard always goes out to look for a tree to climb, all he wants is to rest,
The tiger and the panther are in love, they do not care if the others begin to murmur.
The monkey and his little brother hanging from the branches begin to jump and with their hands to bother,
Hippo and bear are the slowest to walk and always have little time to enjoy.
The Giraffe is very beautiful, she goes out to share with her friends her Possums,
The hungry anteater is always looking for beautiful tracks,
that can bring you closer to its delicious delicacy, mojojoy and yellow ants.
Rhinoceros and elephant like to meditate, they are the ones who go the furthest
Crocodile and snake enjoy a dip and they are always together.
The cousins ​​of the class the hare and the squirrel stand out among all for being great athletes,
The owl and the Toucan are the birds of the class, the owl enjoys observing, because in this it is an ace.
The animals of the jungle know their place and know how to take advantage of what nature gives them.

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