I like the rain and the hail more but this one is very fleeting,
I like to play, feel and eat but I am not able to keep it,
Mom laughs, but dad more, and they tell me I must be bold,
Yesterday in a box I kept, today I looked for it in a lively way,
But I couldn’t find it, I couldn’t understand how she left, I must have been insightful.

I want to see rain and hail fall, save it better this time
I will not use the box, because I realized that I lacked greater intrepidity,
Today I saw it rain again but I did not see the hail fall,
My parents told me that I do not always fall that will leave my stubbornness,
I do not want to give in because I want to learn I do not consider it a small thing.

In school I asked my teacher to understand,
Because yesterday it rained and the hail did not appear again,
Explaining to me what was happening and that I couldn’t understand
Now when I see hail falling I always know how to thank,
For the show so beautiful that it makes me shudder.

Rain cloud with wet snow weather meteo icon vector illustration. Realistic falling water drops and snowflakes, element for weather forecast, wet rainy day pictogram, isolated on transparent background

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