The sound of the Chicharra

Chicharra, Chicharrita let’s go out to eat that I want to share with you again,
her sister, her Cicada, wanted to share with her, because being with her made her very happy,
The Cicada told him that he could not get out of it, her friend the Grasshopper was coming,
Chicharra invited him to stay there, serving herbal tea, and lemon water,
time was running out and nothing for her friend the Grasshopper came, tired and angry to wait,
Chicharra went to get ready to go find where she could be,
and while she went to organize she began to sing, Cicada sat down to enjoy,
the beautiful and piercing song echoed throughout the place,
The night was already falling in the distance, a beautiful little light was seen to illuminate,
slowly it approached, it was the firefly that looked scared,
to Chicharra and Cicada he yelled to them to go to the forest because the Serval was coming
She had Grasshopper in her mouth panting, her sister the Cicada told the Cicada
I can’t escape! My friend is in danger and needs someone to save him!
The Cicada with her sister the Cicada planned an idea, and it was to entertain the Serval
when the Chicharra began to sing the Serval stopped to listen,
the Cicada was able to remove Grasshopper from the place and Chicharra could also fly away from the place.

Nature scene with grasshopper on leaf illustration

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