When the shadow accompanies you

Why are you crying Francisco? The teacher says to the child,
Francisco responds – nobody wants to go out with me!
Quiet my child, there is always someone who is with you,
Noo! he says to him in strangled tears, I’m just always!
Children say that my side does not want to be because I am boring!

The teacher listened to him and welcomed him and when the boy calmed down,
He explained that no human being on earth is alone,
That when we are born we always come accompanied,
but they did not teach us how to find it, much less observe it,
listen well to what I’m going to tell you and you will never be alone.

Francisco listened to him and everything understood from that day his life transformed,
Always happy he was seen and no one ever understood, in him who changed,
They only saw him run, play, talk, sing, and they even felt that he enjoyed loving,
the full days of his shone again because Francisco found his place,
finding peace, calm and security, no one ever affected him again.

So when Francisco grew his children he taught that they are never alone,
He always remembered the teacher with love, since without him his life would not be the same,
He learned to welcome his loneliness, to look at it with love, to face that reason,
That he always led him to claim that nobody wanted to be next to him,
and knowing that with Him you could enjoy yourself, so he stopped fighting and learned to love.

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