The umbrella

Josefina called me and they call me «the girl with the fine umbrella», now I want to tell you,
Chocó is my hometown, surrounded by the jungle, rivers, sea, and even mangroves,
We live on what nature gives us, tasty fish that we know very well how to prepare
Bocachico, Foforro, Barbudo and Sábalo typical dishes that can be savored,
but it is not the only thing that I can tell you since my land of surprises is full,
currulao, abozao, aguabajos, porros, cumbia, we know how to dance and we learned to enjoy.
In my land, everyone sings beautiful rhythms that you will not be able to hear anywhere else,
Like the Chocoan laments, that is quite a ritual that comes from medieval times.
In Colombia these songs are a National Heritage.
We have artists that are beginning to sound also worldwide,
As is our ChocQuiTown whom I want to match, because I also like to sing.
The riches of my land are among fauna and flora, marsupials, lazy,
Tamanduas, many more, surrounded by two seas, beautiful and quiet beaches,
and the color of the emerald green water, showing that it is a land full of hope,
Exuberant waterfalls and crystal clear waters, bathed by three rivers Atrato, Baudo and San Juan,
Beautiful jungle where there are palms, sande, guabas, oaks and beautiful metals are,
We have gold, silver and platinum, in addition the waters always have to fall because in the Region
daily it has to rain, abundant land, friendly and powerful people,
Welcome to Chocó, I am proud, I am Josefina and they call me the girl with the fine umbrella.

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