The kites fly

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Enjoying and enjoying the red kite, reaches the cloud and feels frozen because she dances in the sky until she is purple.
Shines shines, the yellow kite shines, she by herself lights up, falls from the sky like an umbrella.
The pink kite runs and runs, she is jumping and she looks beautiful, with her splendid cheeks.
Sings and sings that she sings the orange kite, always singing along with her band, she creates a whole party in the sky.
She bites and bites the green kite bites, eating popcorn and happy to see you because she is happy to meet you.
The blue kite says, that she has a secret in her trunk, because yesterday she cut her bangs
The kites and their cheer lights up everyone on the square, with their laughter and songs filling the place with exceptional joy.

Kite childhood games cartoon design, vector illustration.

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