Leave your comfort zone

In psychology, the comfort zone refers to a mental state where the person uses fear and anxiety avoidance behaviors in their daily life, using a routine behavior to achieve constant performance without assuming any risk, that is, with the “pilot automatic». It is a personal space made up of strategies and attitudes that we use often and with which we feel comfortable, settling in our way of acting because we feel safe. It is an area that only encompasses the known, that environment where we are comfortable and makes us feel safe because everything is under our control, but passivity and routine cause apathy and existential emptiness, preventing personal growth by renouncing to take initiatives that expand the limits of that area. The well-being that is felt is not the product of satisfaction or personal pride, but of the absence of negative emotions such as uncertainty or insecurity when taking refuge in our known environment. The comfort zone is also working on something simple in a safe environment without wanting to promote yourself, or maintain a relationship that gives security despite being unhappy. In the next video we are going to see a little inspiration in front of the comfort zone and how we can get out of it. You can find the english caption in the video.

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