Dreams and nightmares in kids

Have you ever wondered what that dream means that your child relives every night? All children dream, only very few remember what they have dreamed. In fact, nightmares are often remembered, because they interrupt sleep. The child wakes up and at that moment he realizes what he is dreaming about. It is for this reason that most of the dreams or things that children remember in their sleep are nightmares. From my perspective I used to have many nightmares when I was little, they were constantly repeated and I always got to the point where as soon as I went to bed I wanted to define that I was going to dream, I went to bed thinking that I wanted to dream of princesses, flowers and beautiful things; But it doesn’t always work like that, when we are children we have so many things that we do not recognize and they haunt us in the form of a nightmare.

When I was little and had a nightmare, I received the best support from my parents, if I was afraid, my parents knew exactly what to say, they knew they could protect me and that they gave me peace of mind when they came through the door to defend me from my own unconscious. It is amazing what a dream or a nightmare can cause in a child, it can be repeated constantly until we somehow face it and discover its true meaning. I will pause to remind all the parents who are reading this post, to tell them that going to the psychologist, seeking accompaniment or help for our children is not bad, it is not a sign of weakness or a sign that something is wrong, we should all go to the psychologist, we should all seek support because we need someone to support us and help us to recognize our unconscious.

Many children have difficulty expressing their feelings, their emotions, or their wishes. Dreams are an ‘escape route’, a way of expressing yourself in a symbolic way. For this reason, many of the childhood dreams want to tell us something. After all dreams are a way in which we communicate ourselves with our dreams, fears or desires.

We did a little research to try to define some dreams that your children can have:

  • Dreaming of monsters: For a child to dream of a monster at a certain moment is something very normal, so we should not worry excessively. As a general rule, dreaming of a monster reveals that moment of uncertainty that the person, in this case, the child has, when something gets in their way and they don’t quite know what to do.
  • Dreaming of the sea: Dreams of the sea are closely linked to life itself, and to the origin. The sea is the child’s refuge, since the water itself is related to the amniotic fluid in which it was protected during pregnancy. The relationship between the child and her mother begins from gestation, and that is why in the dream in which the sea appears in the foreground, she speaks of that special moment that underlies their union from the nine months of pregnancy
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