Christmas activities to do with your family

It is a list of ideas and activities to do at Christmas with the family where the slow pace, not getting too complicated and enjoying is the keynote in all of them. On behalf of 123pormi we share them with you, in case you want to not have to think a lot and inspire you so that then things flow by themselves … Here they go:

Sing Christmas songs. Part of the fun of Christmas is spending it singing Christmas carols because it is something that fills the spirit and made us happy … Something so simple that it brings us closer to the magic of Christmas.

Baking cookies: There is no better activity to do as a family than to cook together and better when they are sweet little snacks, children love to bake and see how they can help make cookies.

Dance under the light of the Christmas tree. We love to see the Christmas tree lit up so why not enjoy its dancing light? Christmas carols or whatever is lent

Visiting someone we haven’t seen for a long time. In this age where technologies bring us closer to people we have not known about for a long time, why not use this medium to generate physical encounters and embrace those we have not embraced for a long time. Christmas is the time when the family gets together and shares laughter and happiness.

Investigate how Christmas is celebrated in another part of the world. Another exciting thing, that they see that the world is not where we live but that there is much beyond it and that they have very different customs from ours. For example, if it is summer in your country and your family does not know snow, you can go to google maps and see Christmas traditions from other countries.

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