Christmas poetry

Poetry is present in children since they are born, and that is because lullabies are nothing other than sung poetry. Poetry helps children to exercise their memory, to expand their vocabulary, to stimulate their imagination and to develop a greater sensitivity towards what surrounds them. Some of the most important authors of literature have among their work some Christmas poems for children, they are ideal poems for children to recite during the holidays. You can learn them as a family and have a good time reciting them.

A little donkey is walking
step by step to Bethlehem
little flowers greet him
and he doesn’t really know why.
On his back goes Maria
and José goes by her side
after a few days
a little boy has to be born.
Giddy Up! Go borriquito!
Arre, arre! And you will arrive.
Take the travelers soon,
you will rest later.

-I’m Gaspar. Here I bring the incense.
I come to say: Life is pure and beautiful.
God exists. Love is immense.
I know everything from the divine Star!
I am Melchior. My myrrh scented everything.
God exists. He is the light of the day.
The white flower has its feet in mud.
And in pleasure there is melancholy!
I am Baltasar. I bring the gold. Insure
that God exists. He is big and strong.
I know everything from the pure star
That shines on the diadem of Death.
Gaspar, Melchor and Baltasar, shut up.
Love triumphs, and his party invites you.
Christ rises, makes the light of chaos
and has the crown of Life!

Pastors and pastors,
Eden is open.
Can’t you hear loud voices?
Jesus was born in Bethlehem.
The light from heaven comes down
the Christ was already born,
and in a nest of straw
which bird is.
The child is chilly.
Oh noble ox,
clothe with your breath
to the Child King!
The songs and the flights
invade the extension,
and they are partying dear
and land … and heart.
Pure voices resound
that sing in droves:
Hosanna in the high
the Righteous One of Israel!
Shepherds in a flock
come, come,
to see the advertised
Flower of David! …

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