Rebellious children

Nowadays you can see wayward children anywhere along with parents rolling their eyes in despair over their child’s behavior. When a child is capricious, tantrums are common and there is no family in the world that sooner or later has not faced this type of problem. But, capricious children, are they born that way or are they made for the education they receive? Wayward children are born and made… both at the same time. All children go through the egocentric stage where they feel that they are the center of the world, so the fact of having whims and tantrums will be absolutely normal. What will not be normal is that this stage lasts too long because parents do not set clear limits and rules from minute 1 in which it occurs.

In this sense, for children to go through the egocentric stage is normal, but sometimes, the parents’ own behavior makes children worsen their wayward behavior. If this tantrums and wayward children sound familiar to you, you are likely to feel helplessness and exhaustion at the same time … Even in the biggest tantrums you can feel some fear when you see how far your child can go for something he wants, for insignificant whatever.

If you have experienced these situations, it is more than likely that you do not want him to be a regular in your home and you will want them to end or at least minimize them as soon as possible. If you keep reading you will know how to prevent your child from becoming capricious and that the egocentric stage remains in the stage that should remain.

It is not about allowing him nothing, nor is it about allowing him everything. Children must feel some resistance on your part regarding their whims so that they see your protection. If you give him everything, you are actually taking away the responsibility of educating and your child will become a capricious tyrant who believes that he deserves everything and that only he has rights. On the other hand, not allowing anything is not an option either because your child must also learn to decide and know that he has a certain weight in what happens around him. The secret is to find a balance, say yes with conditions and say no with limits.

We are all people and we can have fluctuating emotions every day… There are good days and less good days… It is exactly the same with children. But as a parent, you must remember that you are the example of your children so it is important that you never sacrifice perseverance, regardless of the mood you have today. Your little ones need the limits, rules and values ​​to always be the same. If you forbid him something today that you allow him tomorrow, you are only confusing him and he will think that he just has to wait for the right moment or push you enough to get the things he wants.

People are creatures of habit and adults have very clear schedules to be able to function daily. Children when they do not have a closed schedule for eating, sleeping and playing can become very tired and emotionally overwhelmed. In this sense, if you do not want them to have tantrums or to come out of their egocentric stage with good emotional development, routines and schedules in families are a must.

The same goes for limits. If there are no limits at home, children will think they can do whatever they want, but the worst thing is that they will feel emotionally abandoned and confused about the authority of their parents. There must be rules and limits in all aspects of life. Although sometimes there is flexibility, it is necessary to have well-established rules so that children know what to expect at each moment of their lives, and if they do not know what to expect, they at least know that if they ask their parents, they will be able to find out.

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