Patience and silence

Patience and silence are necessary for education and for children to be raised with love and intelligence and for them to grow up knowing what strong people are like and how to become one of them. Cultivating patience and silence is essential so that you can live better as a family and increase the quality of life in people. Patience and silence will make your life much easier than you imagine. There are people, especially parents, who seem to have forgotten what patience or silence is, especially when your home is full of children. Appreciating patience in times of stress and silence when it is scarce will change the way you see things. Let’s see what it can contribute to you as a family …

Patience in people is a great virtue and not everyone knows how to appreciate it. There are those who seem to have patience innately in their personality and others who have to work on it in order to enjoy the results of practicing this virtue in daily life. Although sometimes things turn against us, that does not mean that we cannot be patient so that, one way or another, things turn in our favor.

Patience helps people not give up, to be calm enough to accept the inevitable and gives you the strength and intelligence necessary to be able to act in the right way in situations. Patience helps you understand time and make the most of it.

Children will learn patience through example, through seeing how their parents are patient with them every day. If you are not a patient person and you do not have enough patience for your children to see this virtue in you, it will be difficult for them to learn this quality so important for life. You need to stop being in such a hurry or getting angry about the little things that go wrong. Sometimes knowing how to wait while acting is the best solution.

Not everyone appreciates silence. Being quiet doesn’t mean you can’t speak your mind or enjoy the occasional fuss, but silence is essential to learning when it’s time to respect it. Silence is the pause that allows us to connect with ourselves and also with others. When we know how to be silent, then we can speak to connect with others when we have first been able to listen to them. Silence is a direct form of respect and also a form of complicity.

Have you ever felt a certain awkward silence when you were with someone? If the answer is affirmative, it is that you did not have enough trust with those people, on the other hand, if you are with your family, for example, silence is never a nuisance, but it is also a form of union between people … Because with those people What do you want the most, just the fact of being present … is more than enough to enjoy the pleasure of being together.

In addition, silence always gives the opportunity to observe what we have around us, to enjoy life, to be present with our interior and with the exterior at the same time. Silence is important to teach your children so that they appreciate the importance of everything we have talked about here. Enhance the silence in your home, creating moments of silence, while the children read or rest … listen to the silence and everything that it brings you with it.

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