More music less technology

We are used to seeing parents use technology to keep their children calm. They convince themselves that the applications for mobile phones or tablets are good and that children will not have anything to do with being up to date with the screens for a little while. It’s true, nothing has to happen to them, but if you want them to be smarter, then you need to instill in your children more music time and less screen time. You have to keep in mind that what your children achieve in their adult life will depend largely on what you offer them in their learning. Children do not have control of what they learn or do not learn, they simply receive the necessary stimuli to be able to grow mentally. One of the best things that can be done for children is to instill in them a love of music.

Science shows that music makes children grow smarter… In fact, music is good for both children and adults. New technologies numb the brain and cause people to have fewer connections in memory. The mobile phone makes life easier and therefore, people do not see it necessary to have to memorize certain common things that the mind used to remember before, such as dates, addresses or telephone numbers. New technologies make people less and less intelligent, but what awakens the mind is not just listening to the music itself, far from it. What really makes children (and adults) work with the mind and become more active and intelligent, is playing instruments.

The ideal would be to limit the use of technologies (tablets, mobile phones, video consoles, computers, etc.) and, in addition to enhancing interest in music, motivating children to play a musical instrument that they liked. When a child begins to play a musical instrument, her IQ increases and also begins to have greater brain development. Also where it is noticed that a child begins to play a musical instrument is in reading and mathematical ability, which improves significantly.

It is for all this that if you want to be a responsible father or mother who aims to enhance the intellect of their children, then the time has come to incorporate the learning of a musical instrument into the lives of your little ones … the one they like the most. Respect their tastes and do not try to impose on them an instrument that you like but that your child does not… Respect for their tastes is essential so that they can really advance in this field so important for their development.

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