Phrases from the little prince

A book that everyone should read at some point in their lives. The Little Prince was published no less than in 1943 but despite the passage of time, it does not age at all. The phrases in the book The Little Prince are about friendship, loss, life in general … they are values ​​that all children have to know, but also adults, since they are important in life. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the author of the book, was an aviator and got lost in the Sahara Desert. He was probably inspired by this experience in order to bring the story to life.

Do not miss the most famous phrases of this novel below because without a doubt, you are going to love them:

  1. It is much more difficult to judge yourself than to judge others. If you can judge yourself well you are a true sage.
  2. Here is my secret, which could not be simpler: only with the heart can one see well; The essential is invisible to the eyes.
  3. Only children smash their noses against the glass.
  4. But the seeds are invisible. They sleep in the secret of the earth until one of them wakes up.
  5. It’s crazy to hate all the roses because one of them pricked you. Giving up all your dreams because one of them didn’t come true.
  6. When a mystery is too impressive, it is impossible to disobey.
  7. You should never listen to flowers. Only the look and smell should. Mine perfumed my planet, but I could not be happy about it.
  8. You just have to ask each one what each one can give.
  9. Walking in a straight line, one cannot get very far.
  10. The first love is loved more, the rest is loved better.
  11. When you find a diamond that belongs to no one, it is yours. When you find an island that belongs to nobody, it is yours. When you are the first to have an idea, you have it patented: it is yours. I own the stars because no one before me dreamed of owning them.
  12. You are the owner of your life and your emotions, never forget it. For better and for worse.
  13. What I see here is just a crust. The most important thing is invisible.
  14. I wonder if the stars light up so that one day, each one can find his own.
  15. All older people were children at first (although few of them remember this).
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