Montessori activities

I remember as if it was yesterday when I was little, one of my biggest dreams was to grow up, to be an adult and to create my own rules. Even towards everything so that everyone would tell me that I was 50 or older, we can say that this is the beauty of being a child, we do not know the true responsibility and we want something that we do not know at all. We were used to seeing our parents tell us what to do and what not to do that we wanted to make our rules and do everything an adult did. By the time we became adults, panic fills us up, believe me, I wasn’t even ready. That is why in this new era of parenthood a great trend has been to apply the Montessori method in the daily life of our children since it teaches not only from: memory, motor skills and language but it also teaches patience and responsibility.

It is for this reason that today we will show you some Montessori activities and tell you why they are so good.


The first thing recommended to carry out Montessori activities with your children is that you have a designated space and that each activity is separated by trays that your children can take and carry their organized work space.


Extraction activity: This helps with the motor skills of your children, since with the help of tweezers they must remove seed by seed, it also helps with concentration and with patience since it is a difficult activity but it contributes a lot to children.


Mimic and language activities: This help with the motor skills, memory and linguistic knowledge of our children, consists of them writing the letter in front of them in the sand.


Distribution Activity: This helps not only learn numbers and counting but also to distribute.

Relationship and Color Activities: These help with memory, relationship, and motor skills when inserting or holding clamps.


Problem solving activities: These help children develop their critical thinking since they not only relate by colors but also have a problem to solve.

Responsibility activities: These teach children to carry out day-to-day activities.

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