Parents as their children idols

Children from a certain age consider that their parents are the figures they most admire and who would most like to look like, since when we are young we see how our parents do things that seem wonderful to us, how they manage to present themselves with resilience and determination not only to raise their children but to face multiple obstacles in life. For some reason we always want to be superheroes, astronauts, police officers and all these brave and extraordinary characters. It is because we see in our day to day our parents being extraordinary beings that do matter that they want to give us all of them.

Children tend to imitate their idols. Hence the relevance that these people have. In addition, many children can create a false image of their idol. And there precisely the parents come to act. An obsession with their idol can generate false expectations and frustration in children. But well taken, without obsessions, knowing that your idols are also people with their limitations and mistakes, can motivate you to fight for your dream. That is why apart from feeling dull to be the idol of our parents we must also keep in mind the responsibility that this represents or determines, we must do everything possible to present not only what we can do in life but how we should live it, from the love, affection and from a positive perspective presenting them that any obstacles that arise in their lives can overcome it to fulfill with effort and dedication.

We must understand that just as a father can become an Idol, it also happens with famous people who see every day, and as parents we must be aware of what are the references of life that our children have in mind but for no reason should we use the word «forbid» when we talk about following a reference, since this will only generate the opposite effect, we must talk to them and explain what examples to follow and what attitudes should not be replicated with arguments, remember that our children require reasons to do and not do, we must speak to them and address them as human beings capable of differentiating between good and bad actions, if we do this we show them that we trust them to have a good capacity for differentiation between actions.

Remember parents are the main model for a young child up to nine years old, so that in these ages everything that their parents do or say they interpret as the appropriate way to act. You cannot pretend that the child imitates from his parents, his referents, only the positive. Let us teach our children through example to treat people with respect, to face their responsibilities, good models, to have a good reaction to difficulties and obstacles, to present fun and healthy ways to use their free time, to have value and respect for your own body and to have a positive attitude towards life.



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