The influence of pets

When we were little one of those gifts that we always expected to receive under the Christmas tree was a pet, be it a fish, a dog, a cat, a rabbit or any animal that you would like. We used to see this adorable, small and playful living being who could be our friend for a lifetime. On the other hand, one as an adult or as a parent sees this living being as a new child, since not only does it economically demand but the attention and discipline that one must have to keep a pet is quite large. But sometimes as adults we only think about the consequences that most affect us and we do not evaluate all the benefits that having a pet can offer our children.

Personally I had the advantage of having parents who love pets and animals, I could say that at first I was excited to have a dog, I liked having it at home and knowing that if I heard a bark that could be my pet, I would not I liked the idea that I could bite, that I had to clean everything the dog did. But I had not thought that now at this point in my life I appreciate having a notion of responsibility not only on myself, but on others, on a living being that expresses all his love to me. Pets are not just a responsibility, they are not just this hairy being that is nice for us to see. A pet is an emotional support, it is company and unconditional love, they have this sense of loyalty and support when their owner feels bad.

We can say that just as a human being has different personalities, pets and animals have them too. So it is time to remind you that there are pets that do not express affection constantly or are more emotionally independent than others, but that does not mean that their love is not present and that it is unconditional. In my case, at my grandmother’s house there is a cat, white and beautiful; but we could say that he is very emotionally independent, but our bond with the cat could not be more united, we feel for him, we want him to be happy and comfortable constantly. A pet is company, they fill us with such happiness that sometimes they do not forget the stress or a long day we have had. The fact of caressing our pet, playing or walking with her can free us from the tensions that concern us on a day-to-day basis, thus providing us with moments of relaxation and improving our mood.

Animals have the ability to mitigate those feelings that we value as negative, in addition to providing us with their unconditional support, so, according to the psychologist, they could help fight diseases such as depression. In addition, when we look at our pet, our brain releases more oxytocin, also known as the happiness hormone. In conclusion, pets allow us to lead a full and even happier life. If your children ask for a pet, do not see it as a responsibility but as a support for them and for the whole family.


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