The best books to learn languages

Yesterday at we talked about the importance of languages ​​in children’s lives and how important it is for them to learn from an early age as they have a greater possibility of retention. Well, we know that it is not so easy to be present every second of the day talking to your child in a different language to understand, it is for this reason that we want to share a small classification of the best children’s books to learn multiple languages ​​according to the editors from They will not only help their children learn new languages, but they will help instill the idea of ​​reading as something fun since many of these books are interactive and teach in fun ways through stories to which children are they relate or take them to unimaginable places.

First we will talk about books to teach our children Spanish: Spanish is the second most spoken language around the world, there are more than 15 languages ​​that speak Spanish and for this reason we want to give importance to any other language.

The first book we want to present is «My first 100 words» or «My first 100 words» by Roger Priddy. We could say that this book can involve him from the first year of our son since he explains simple words that he can learn from an early age, it is an illustrated book that allows the child to relate the illustration to a concept.
«Before you were here, my love» or «Before you were here, my love» is a book by Samantha Vamos. This through shapes, colors and a dynamic glossary reflects how excited the mother and her family are to receive their child.
«The moon is the moon» by Jay M. Harris. This is a book with funny and cute rhymes in involving English and Spanish for children to take the context and discover what words are in Spanish.
Books to teach English to your children, English is the third most spoken language around the world, we could say that it is the most common since in most schools in the world they teach it since we know it as «the universal language» .

«The English of the little ones» by Claudia Zaczepinsky, this book not only teaches your child vocabulary but also comes with activities that involve vocabulary and allows him to apply it, it comes with an interactive CD to listen to pronunciation and the best thing is that the whole book It is illustrated what makes it even more fun.
«Karen Collection» by Slegers Liesbet, this book collection tells how Karen a little girl faces certain activities in her day to day and how she explains them all in English so that children learn everyday vocabulary. Karen is seen in situations like «Karen goes shopping», «Karen and mom’s pregnancy», «Karen and her new little brother» and «Karen moves from home».
«Book, party!» by Pat Mora and Rafael Lopez, this book tells the story of a child who goes through multiple parties and traditions of the world, where to meet new cultures, new languages ​​and new friends.
As we can see, there are different books that can help in the language development of our children, from learning to play and reading.

Remember: «Teach your children to dive between letters to swim between dreams.»


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