The importance of learning languages.

As parents or adults, we know that the world is evolving and revolutionizing, as well as the way we communicate, interact and think, within this change is the globalization, interconnection and support networks that we have established human beings throughout the planet, being The learning of different languages ​​is fundamental, but the English language has been key for these advances and developments, since we were little they have sensitized us and explained how this would become a universal language and a powerful tool to communicate regardless of our culture or language maternal.

Currently, as parents we live worried about the future of our children, we want them to succeed or have the conditions of security, economic and emotional stability, for that reason we facilitate all the possibilities and elements that allow them to see in a holistic way the obstacles that they find on the road . It is key to involve our children in multiple activities and among these languages ​​because when they are small and as they grow they develop not only their motor skills but also intellectuals, adapting in an easier way to new knowledge.

In my case, when I was little one of my biggest passions was to learn English being Spanish my mother tongue, but during my school time for me this learning was simple and pleasant, the classes became an environment where I could not only learn but also have fun, luckily I had teachers who loved their vocation and what better reward for a teacher who is a student who from the depths of his heart yearns to learn, I liked to get to practice at home, with such good fortune that my Parents bought me English books, constantly supporting and motivating me.

There was also a time when my uncle Juan saw my potential and passion offering to pay the first levels of the English course and so my parents saw the need to continue doing so, to achieve this the support of the family is very important.

Now, returning to the world there are more than 7000 languages, this means that there are more than 7000 ways to understand us. When we are little we are not aware that we live on such a large planet and less imagine every corner of it, maybe we recognize some languages. In we encourage parents to support their children to discover all the beautiful corners and spaces that the planet has, to know its culture, location and the most important learning of several languages.


Illustration by: Victoria Fernandez

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