The relationship with our children

In we agree that the power and magic of giving life is wonderful, it is something unique and indescribable, it is quite inspiring to see a woman go through a process of months in which they become shelter and shelter for their children, Women creators of life, but we cannot ignore something fundamental and it is the emotional relationship established with their children, that symbiosis that marks the life of the child and also of the mother until the last day of its existence. The emotional bond teaches the baby the first model to follow to establish interpersonal relationships, promotes a sense of security and self-esteem. Generating a mother-child dyadic relationship is important for future social relationships. This shows us how the relationship we establish with our son will determine his future relationships.

While it is true that during the pregnancy the mother-child bond has already begun, it will not develop fully until after birth. And we could say that just as the link develops in parts, the pregnancy process also, we usually recognize the pre and postpartum stages as well as the stage during childbirth, because today we will tell you some tips or elements that you should keep in mind during this beautiful process

There are several methods of preparing for childbirth, each of them inspired by a different philosophy, but with the same objective: to provide you with skills so that you gain confidence and overcome the small discomforts and anxiety generated by pregnancy or childbirth. The advantage of living in a modern world is that we have multiple options and support for the preparation of childbirth, from pre-delivery classes in which they accompany you for the day when your child is born, where parents make a support not only emotional but they present how they can support without the need to alert the mother in a care situation. We also know the doulas, this is a person, usually a woman, who informs and accompanies the vital process of motherhood, explains in a personalized accompaniment all the emotions and feelings you feel during pregnancy and accompanies you on the day of your birth Many mothers do not know that in some hospitals around the world the doula is provided by the hospital at no cost, so they must verify whether the hospital provides it.

One of the main tips is to take time for yourself and what better to take care of us during pregnancy than to give us a good relaxing bath from time to time. We fill the bath with not very hot water, we pour about 15 drops of incense or lavender essence and it won’t take long to feel its renewing effects. Stimulating fragrances will also help you regain strength. You have to put two or three drops of citrus essence on an aromatic stone, settle in a comfortable chair, close your eyes and breathe the smell that the stone gives off. The essence of citrus is relaxing and stimulating at the same time, therefore, it is perfect to activate our energy in a very short time when we only have a free time. You should not change aroma without consulting a specialist because not all ethereal oils are appropriate during pregnancy.

The future baby hears the mother’s voice, so why not talk to him? We can tell you anything: the moment of his birth is approaching or that the grandparents will come to dinner with us. Another option is to listen to a cheerful and serene musical work thinking that he can also enjoy it. Communicating with the intrauterine child is a way to incorporate him into our life, to show him our love, and to forge the first links with him.

Remember: «There is nothing like a mother’s love for her children.» – Agatha Christie

Parents cradling newborn baby

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