Why making mistakes is good

Something that as human beings we must recognize and teach our children is that we eventually make mistakes, we usually make decisions that we regret at the moment, time after realizing that it was a mistake or we just don’t want to acknowledge that we were wrong, but whether we accept them or not, there they will be no matter how much we want it to happen. Just as we are good at making mistakes, we are also good at hiding them and denying that they exist, but I want to assume that they have heard from famous phrases such as «It is wise to make mistakes,» because we probably teach our children and ourselves that we are wrong with mistakes. we get up and that we learn from them, but we must recognize that there is nothing more difficult than recognizing defeat and less in front of oneself when we realize that our consciousness has failed us and that we have allowed ourselves to make a mistake.

Well, I am going to tell you that it happens to all of us, when we make a mistake we tend to be very self-critical, generally when we are children it is impossible for us to forget a mistake because our parents do not constantly remember what is due and what should not be done, so when we fail We immediately receive a scolding. But they have begun to think that as adults there are times when we have no one to make us realize an error. Well remember that Confucius said «Making a mistake and not correcting it, is another mistake», now it is not enough for us to move forward without having thought about it because eventually we will see each other in the future where we are inhibited from making future decisions for our past decisions. We must stop seeing mistakes as a reason for shame and see them as a reason for humanity, we must teach our children that it is not wrong to make mistakes, it is wrong not to learn from them.

Assuming a mistake is a fundamental part of learning. Teaching your children to make mistakes and get ahead is better than living explaining the path of a perfect and error-free life. We will give you to read a little children’s story about Cascabel and how he did not want to admit his mistakes.

Cascabel the squirrel arrived distracted to class and without realizing it elbowed the inkwell of the desk of the donkey Galileo. A huge black spot ate the drawing that Galileo was finishing.

-Hey, it has spoiled me! – The poor donkey lamented.

-What a shame, it was beautiful! – added the turtle Roqui. It was Cascabel’s fault that he has gone insane here!

– Oh what a mess! – answered the squirrel – But if Galileo had not put the ink in the corner, nothing would have happened!

-How? – Roqui reprimanded him. Ask Galileo for forgiveness immediately or get mad at you!

The squirrel and the turtle were going to continue arguing when Master Lechuza appeared through the door. Galileo hurried to clean the ink and Cascabel went to his place.

Roqui turned to Galileo and said:

– «Cascabel is very good, but never admits its failures.»

In the afternoon, the squirrel was again stunned because he was late to the laboratory and could not stop in time, colliding with the entrance table. «Clinc, crash, catacrash!» The noise was awful. Three test tubes, a test tube and a glass jar had been broken into pieces.

-Oh my god, Cascabel !, are you all right? – Master Lechuza asked.

-Yes- said the squirrel (although in fact she felt ashamed) – I’m very sorry.

He had realized that on this occasion as well as on the inkwell, it was his fault for being so crazy. From now on, I would walk more carefully. Then, he went to apologize to Galileo and Roqui, who were very happy.


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