Tales and books that inspire

Today we want to talk to parents about a children’s story that has caught our attention, not only because it is entertaining and fun, but because they inspire little readers to be better and to explore a world full of entrepreneurs and people who have changed the world. These stories are created by Eva Chen and Derek Desert, there are already three books: Juno Valentine and the magical shoes, Juno Valentine and the fanstastic fashion adventure (Juno Valentine and the fantastic fashion adventure and finally and the book that interests us the most A is for awesome, this is an illustrated alphabetical book that tells how Juno Valentine knows the women who have most marked history.


Some of the characters that Juno meets are: Amelia Earhart, Iris Apfel, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Coco Chanel, Beyonce, Malala, Sacagawea, Nina Simone, Lucille Ball, Julia Child, Katherine Graham, Dorothy Hodkin, Emmeline Pankhurst, Flo jo, Georgia O’Keeffe, among others. All these pioneer women, who inspire and have managed to boost history, Juno goes through a world full of experiences where he gets into the role of each of the women who gives him a life lesson.

This story catches our attention because it lets children see the fantastic adventures they can go through with the help of knowledge and how to know the life story of these fantastic women. These are children’s books that we support for parents to buy and not only transform reading into knowledge but fun, these are books that even adults can enjoy and meet women who have marked history.

The second story we will talk about is Mu my favorite cow (Mu my favorite cow), this story tells of a girl at her grandfather’s farm and how her favorite cow is the one who cannot produce milk and as she discovers what it is What happens to him explaining how sometimes the problems are not as simple as they seem and how we should investigate and help the animals to fulfill their purpose, we could say that the history of Mu and Flurina teach us how we should be persevering and we should strive to help to others. This is a story illustrated and written by David Alvarez.


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