The beauty of sign language and braille

Communication is essential to ensure and maintain good relationships in all areas of our lives, particularly in the family, work and with the people closest to us. Understanding and making oneself understood is an art that facilitates coexistence and harmony in all aspects of our life. We can easily lose sight of the fact that communication enters the field of values, and sometimes we forget that not everyone has all our abilities and skills. But this does not mean that they do not take advantage of all the possible tools to communicate with the people they love and all those around them. Everyone who approaches us considers that he has something important to tell us: to express an idea, have a courtesy or make the moment more pleasant; participate in your feelings and concerns; Ask for our advice and help. Well, today we will talk about a method of communication that not everyone knows or appreciates enough: Sign language.

Many people refer to sign language as the art of communicating beyond words, and we could say that it is an art since through the hands without any verbal resource. This method of communication uses spatial gestures and visual perception to convey ideas from the simplest to the most complex. We could say that sign language is the way to show the world that for more obstacles that arise, there is no way that we will stop to stop being citizens of this world, we will not let our life be threatened when we have reasons for being and a circle of support where I am not alone and many people can help me overcome a situation.

Now we will see another example of communication and how we can overcome our obstacles. We know the Braille language as a system of writing readers for people with visual impairment or blindness, but did you know that it was not intended to help people overcome their disability? This language was invented so that the military through touch could understand A message in the dark without reading. But it is attributed to Louis Braille because he was the one who understood in the school of the blind that we could use this method not only to help his situation but to that of millions of people who were going through the same situation he was going through and transformed a support tool for military in a support tool for the world, where it gave the possibility of understanding and the ability to understand or read a book or reading to those who could not.

Here we can see how both braille and sign language are more art than a tool, they are this opportunity that is given to many individuals to approach a world where they are seen as people with an obstacle but show that they are superheroes that overcome these obstacles with all the strength.


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