Hearing problems in children

For us it is not a mystery that some people are born with obstacles in their lives, some of these obstacles come in the form of disability. When you are born with this disability, children do not recognize what it is like to live without it, but as a parent it can be frustrating to see our children go through a situation that we do not want anyone, as a person the first advice I offer you to calm down, remember that everything what you feel, your children can feel it too. You must recognize that the last thing you should do is lose hope and you should teach your child to fight to get ahead and overcome his disability, today we will talk about hearing impairment. Usually, this problem occurs at birth, sometimes they have a genetic origin and others are due to infections such as meningitis, rubella or toxoplasma.

To detect hearing problems in children, consider the following dates:

-1-6 months: does not emit any sound or babble. -12 months: do not listen to sounds like bells or telephones, observe how you react when listening to sounds around you. -15 months: does not recognize or react to hearing his name. -24 months: does not emit words or sounds. -36 months: does not say more than 10 words and cannot say short sentences.

Technology and advances have allowed us to detect the early otoemissions of a baby’s ear at 3 months to detect if there are hearing problems and begin treatment immediately, depending on the severity of the situation, the treatment varies over time.

We could say that parents should undergo psychological treatment as they go through this situation with their children, when you are a father you feel twice more, since you should not only see for your welfare but for that of your children, parents They feel helpless. because he can do nothing but provide support and give his babies the best emotion to calm down, because at an early age a baby feels the tension and emotion of his parents. Remember that you are not alone, support is not a sign of weakness but of courage because you are strong enough to open your emotions to the support of other people.


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