The acceptance of our traditions

We are already on December 7th and it seems incredible that time goes by so fast, I could say that you understand the saying «Time flies when you have fun», every day in December is a new adventure, even if I have nothing to do, the simple idea of ​​waking up to see my family and to see the Christmas tree filled my day, I could say that year after year my tradition is to be in family around love and happiness, that is why it is the moment that most anxiously I hope it’s Christmas. If you celebrate Christmas or not, the traditions do not disappear, we all have something that fills us with joy, that is why today we talk about the traditions that as a family we transmit to our children, those traditions that they will welcome and that gives them Happiness in their hearts.

One of the traditions that we know the most is Christmas, this speaks of the bone nativity the birth of Jesus, when we are little we gather around the manger, seeing how the wise men arrive at the manger and how magically the 24 Jesus appears in the manger because he was born, this tradition is full of nights of singing and happiness around the ninth and the carols. When we are young, our parents teach us to create a list for El Niño Dios, we leave it in the tree or in the manger and the next day it is not since our wishes are being read. If I am honest, my Christmas lists were a bit absurd, I took a magazine of gifts and wrote everything that caught my attention, now I look around and think of all the people who are happy with the simple idea of ​​being alive. This Christmas one of the ONN’s that catches our attention is «Operation Christmas Child», where you can sponsor a gift for a child around the world at Christmas time.

Another of the most common festivities in December is the Hanukkah, this is also known as the festival of lights, this is a Jewish holiday that commemorates the Maccabees rebellion and the rededication of the second temple, this is an eight-day celebration where One of the traditions is one day after day in a candle or family light, it is customary for each family member to light their own candle.

Now finally we talk about a holiday celebrated on December 26 and January 1, this is Kwanzaa, this is a celebration of African-American culture in the United States, it is in order to unify and recontract with its culture and heritage. In this tradition they tend to teach children and children to accept their traditions and take them with respect as well as accept them with gratitude.

We could say that no matter how different we may be, we have something in common and that is the acceptance of traditions, the family gathering around a belief on such a special date that fills everyone with hope, love and joy.


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